We have established a real world physical base for WoRM.

In a very short time we hope to announce when the socialCentre will be opening.

Interim Board members are in place and will be meeting tomorrow to undertake some Project planning.

We have already had a number of kind offers of support with some keen volunteer labour and the offer of some building materials already.

Lots to do and lots of exciting announcements to follow.

solidarity brings strength apathy smothers revolution.

Don’t follow the sheep, Turn with the WoRM.


WoRM is on the road to showing that”Our Society is Bigger Than Yours” and that there are “no barriers” to what we can overcome .(photos by nobody)

We hope to bring news of WoRM’s programme running from its very own premises.

Watch this space!! There are no “Barriers” that cannot be overcomeAnti Social Barriers2


“B”igger is Better

Bigger and Better


At the end of this Road


End of the Road



We will reach for the Sky


Reach for the Sky










new ideas

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We are looking for new ideas and most importantly people to get involved in our Shadow Board so that we can make Workers Republic of Merseyside a real life, up and running organisation.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in getting involved (in a big or small way) please get in touch.

via our Facebook group, by e-mail workersrepublicofmerseyside@hotmail.co.uk or phone Greg 0151 201 5886.

the workersrepublicofmerseyside has crept out of the primordial ooze and is lying in the sun, blinking its freshly opened eyes in the strong light.

They stretch,they yawn and the republic awakens to roar loudly and bring positive change to the masses…………………………………………………………..

socialist republic of merseyside

Want to get involved in setting up the Workers Republic- contact us.